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Larisa School курсы английского языка

Larisa School курсы английского языка

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О школе Larisa School

«Larisa school» - школа английского языка, которая открылась в 2008 году и предоставляет образовательные услуги в двух направлениях: изучение американской версии английского языка, изучение британской версии английского языка. 

Основные направления работы школы: 

  • Занятия английским в группах и индивидуальные занятия (репетитор)
  • Английский для корпоративных клиентов
  • Бесплатный английский клуб
  • Интенсивные курсы английского
  • Английский Онлайн по Скайпу 

В школе Вы можете начать или продолжить обучение, выбрав любой из уровней: Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate и Advanced.

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Larisa School

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  • Николаев, Центральный район, улица Шевченко, 63


  • Tim Vilson
    Tim Vilson оставил отзыв о Larisa School в 16:21, 14 декабря, 2016
    This will be an unusual review, for several reasons. One, I am an American, and although I speak Russian, my level is not quite good enough to express what I want to say accurately. Also, I am reviewing this school from the point of view of a teacher who worked there.

    I have been teaching English in Ukraine for almost 4 years now, and worked at numerous schools in Nikolaev, including at Larisa School of Language back in 2013 for a span of 3 months. I will point out many good and bad things about this school, and about Bill Green, so you can have an honest and accurate assessment of him and the school in general.


    Bill is very hard-working, and makes high demands of his teachers. As a result, most of the teachers he's had at his school have ranged from competent to advanced with their knowledge of English, and most are also well-trained teachers who have a good understand of teaching methodology. Bill is friendly and engaging with his students, for the most part, and is often entertaining in his lessons. He also holds a free two-hour conversation club every weekend, as a way of promoting his school as well as giving people a chance to practice their English. His wife, Larisa, is a very sweet, smart, and hard-working woman who is very attentive to questions and concerns from students.

    The school uses many of the most common textbooks as a basis for their courses, including Headway and other Oxford Press textbooks. Students are given a choice of which textbooks to use. They have also created a lot of supplemental material about English that is provided free of charge. As Bill is a native English speaker, most students are regularly exposed to American English in an interactive way. To my knowledge, no other school in Nikolaev employs a full-time native English speaker.

    Above all of that, though, the main advantage that Larisa holds over most other schools in the area is in terms of classroom infrastructure. The classrooms are clean, roomy, and well lit, and all are equipped with computers coupled with projectors or televisions, which are always put to good use as teaching aids. There is no other school in Nikolaev that has the same level of infrastructure.


    All of the bad aspects of the school are centered on BIll. I could write a book just focused on his bad aspects, but here I'll summarize them for the sake of brevity. Despite the school technically being owned by his wife, Larisa, it's quite clear to anyone there that Bill is the one who is in charge of the school.
    Although he has managed to learn a great deal about English grammar over the years of running the school, Bill does not have a passion for teaching English. His passion is for business, and for making money. The school is just one of several business that Bill owns and runs, and while his school does provide adequate teaching services, it lacks in some key areas.

    Bill knows a lot about English grammar, but his own teaching methodologies are sorely lacking. A lot of talking occurs in the typical class with Bill, but 80 to 90 percent of it is done by Bill himself. Bill loves to talk, namely about himself and his own background as a businessman and entrepreneur. While he is often engaging and entertaining, he lacks the ability to empathize and deal with people in a professional manner. He is prone to angry and violent outbursts at his own teachers and students, badmouths and degrades other schools, former students and teachers, and even teachers and students that are still at the school, and even spreads misinformation about other schools in the city.

    Worst of all, he is often dishonest about many things. Although he's managed to make a lot of friends in his time in Nikolaev, he has also made many enemies, ranging from former business partners to students to former employees. He regularly lies about a number of people that he has encountered, and often speaks bad about Ukrainians in general, often projecting his own faults onto them. Although I didn't personally witness the specific incidents in the other negative reviews that are posted here, all of them provide accurate examples of Bill's interactions with other people that I personally witnessed during my time at the school.


    Although the school has competent staff and some advantages over many other schools in the area, namely with having a native English speaker and well-equipped classrooms, I can't give a full recommendation for Larisa School of Language. There are other schools in Nikolaev that are owned by people and also employ teachers who are not only very well-educated and qualified to teach, but who also have a passion for the English language in general. While many students at this school get value out of the courses and materials that are offered, the risk of encountering a very bad experience with the owner is very high. Study here at your own risk.

    • Анна Ковалёва
      Анна Ковалёва оставила отзыв о Larisa School в 22:16, 2 июля, 2016
      02.07.2016 року я була присутня в англомовному клубі, який веде Білл Грін. Отримала нові знання, заряд позитивних емоцій та весело провела 2 години, які пройшли швидко. Ми поговорили про свята в Америці, кожен мав змогу висловити свої думки та поставити питання. З граматичного аспекту розглянули прислівник і модальні дієслова. Білл поділився знаннями про те, які словники краще використовувати під час вивчення англійської мови, наголосив про важливість проходження тестів, які навіть у випадку поганого першого результату, все одно дають знання, тож слід проходити їх задля власного самовдосконалення. Адже помилки – це звична річ для людей, які знаходяться у процесі вивчення мови. Не можу не згадати, що на клуб завітав друг Білла, Міка. Йому 36 років, він з Вашингтона. Мені сподобалося, що в клубі є можливість почути людей з різних куточків світу, з різними акцентами та вимовою. Я залишилася задоволеною. Такий розмовний клуб навчає нас мові, навчає не соромитися інших людей і висловлювати свою точку зору. В клубі панує привітна атмосфера.
      The second of July, 2016 I have attended English Speaking Club, directed by Bill Green. I found out new knowledge, received positive emotions and had a good time, 2 hours, which passed quickly. We talked about holidays in the USA, everyone had an opportunity to express their thoughts and asked questions. According to grammatical aspect we looked into such topics as Adverb and Modal Verbs. Bill shared his knowledge connected with which dictionaries are better during learning the English language, laid the stress on the importance of passing tests, even in the case of a bad first result, still provide knowledge, so we should pass it for our self-improvement. Nevertheless mistakes are common thing for people who are in the process of the language learning. I cannot but mentioned that Bill`s friend, Mika, came to the Club. He is 36 years old, he`s from Washington. I liked that the club has the opportunity to hear people from different parts of the world, with different accents and pronunciation. I was pleased with. Such Speaking Club teaches us language, teaches not to feel ashamed of other people and express own point of view. There is friendly atmosphere in the club.
      • Анна Емец
        Анна Емец оставила отзыв о Larisa School в 01:22, 28 июня, 2016
        На минулій неділі (25 червня 2016р.), я на превеликий жаль лише вперше відвідала школу іноземних мов «Лариса». Відвідуючи цю школу ви отримуєте лише переваги, перш за все, це можливість поспілкуватися з носіями мови. Завдяки цим заняттям можна подолати мовний бар'єр та страх виступати перед незнайомими людьми. По суботам ви маєте змогу прийти до англомовного клубу і безкоштовно дві години розмовляти на цікаві та актуальні теми із Біллом, який проводить там заняття, а також його друзями, яких він періодично запрошує до розмовного клубу. Заняття проходять цікаво та весело, а не нудно. Після цього заняття ми дізнались веб-сайти, які можуть допомогти у вивченні англійської мови, а також про різні шляхи її вивчення. Білл розповів нам про піраміду вивчення іноземної мови, тобто з чого ефективніше почати. Минулої суботи Білл розповідав про частини мови, і хоч це на перший погляд це не складна та нудна тема, було досить цікаво, а також ми обговорили цю тему з нового боку. Ми обговорювали останні новини, а саме вихід Великобританії з Європейського Союзу, вибори в США, а також наукові винаходи. Мені та іншим студентам хто проходить практику порекомендувала школу керівник практики одного із Бюро перекладу в Миколаєві.Ми залишились задоволенні, нам все сподобалось на уроці включаючи методику викладання та інтер”єр у класі. Ми будемо і надалі відвідувати ці заняття і радимо цю школу іноземних мов усім іншим.
        On June 25, 2016 unfortunately it was my first time when I have visited Larisa school of language. When you visit this school, you will get a lot of benefits, first of all, the opportunity to communicate with native speakers. With help of these classes, you can overcome the language barrier and the fear to speak in front of strangers.You have the opportunity to come to free English club on Saturdays and two hour talk on interesting and actual topics with Bill, who organizes classes there, and his friends. Sometimes Bill invites his friends from America and Australia to give the chance for students to talk with them at school and improve their English using and trying understand its different accents. Classes are interesting, fun and not boring. After these classes we found out the websites that can help us in learning English language, as well as different ways of studying. Bill told us about the pyramid of learning a foreign language, which topic is more efficient to start and why. Bill talked about the parts of speech last Saturday. Firstly I believed that this topic is boring and it is not complicated, but it was quite interesting and we discussed it from another and new side. We discussed the latest news, namely a British exit from the European Union, the US election, and also scientific inventions. Our practice leader of one of the Bureau of translation in Nikolaev was recommended to me and my groupmates to attend this school.We were satisfied, we liked everything in the lesson including teaching methodology and interior in the class. We will continue to attend the class and advise Larisa school of language for others)
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