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Doctor English курси англійської мови

Doctor English курси англійської мови

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Про школу Doctor English

Школа «Doctor English» надає широкі можливості для вивчення англійської мови, удосконалення розмовних навичок. в програму навчання включені курси англійської мови для початківців, курси розмовної англійської мови, бізнес-курси з носіями мови. На базі школи Ви також можете підготуватися до складання міжнародних іспитів: TOEFL, IELTS, FCE.  

Основні складові навчального процесу в школі:  

  • англомовне середовище
  • комунікативний підхід до вивчення мови
  • чітко поставлені цілі, що відповідають програмі навчання
  • захоплюючі заняття
  • тести та оцінювання результатів навчання
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Графік занять

Адреси філіалів та телефони

  • Николаев, Заводской район, Московская улица, 65


  • Tim Vilson
    Tim Vilson залишив відгук про Doctor English у 21:15, 14 Декабрь, 2016
    This will be an unusual review, for several reasons. One, I am an American, and although I speak Russian, my level is not quite good enough to express what I want to say accurately. Also, I am reviewing this school from the point of view of a teacher who worked there.

    I have been teaching English in Ukraine for almost 4 years now, and worked at numerous schools in Nikolaev, including at Doctor English. I worked there full-time for about a year, and have taught numerous other classes at the school since.

    I will point out the good and bad aspects of the school based on my own honest opinion. However, in full disclosure, I am good friends with the owner.


    For those who studied at Doctor English several years ago, you probably remember the old location, on st. Moskovskaya. The school has since relocated to a business center near Central Market, which raised the quality of the classroom considerably. Being a small school, the school facilities are based in two very clean, brightly lit, and spacious classrooms, which are a big upgrade over the previous location. The rooms are well decorated with entertaining and useful information, and provide a very pleasant and comfortable experience for learning.

    The classrooms also provide some modest teaching aides, mainly nice clean whiteboards which are heavily used during lessons. Although the classroom infrastructure isn't as modernized as some other schools, the tools they do have are put to very good use. Most courses are based on several different textbooks, mainly from Headway and English File, and supplemental material is also often used when necessary or helpful.

    Beyond the teaching aides, though, comes the most important aspect of any school, which would be the teachers and their ability to teach English in an interesting and effective way. This is the school's biggest strength. The owner, Dima, and his wife Alyona teach the majority of classes at this school. Both of them are very hard-working people, have excellent English skills, and are very effective teachers with a genuine passion for teaching English. They both taught me a lot about teaching English, and both are very highly qualified and experienced teachers with good teaching methodologies.

    One other big strength to the school is that while they usually don't have a full-time native speaking teacher on staff, they very often have native speaking teachers at the school, ensuring that most students are able to practice English with a native speaker.


    I'll be honest, in that since I'm friends with the owner, I'm possibly a bit blind to the negatives to the school. Probably the biggest negative would be the small size of the school, which means that classes often fill up pretty quickly, and that some students may have to wait a while before starting their course. Also, some of the textbooks used are old and outdated, and sometimes students may have to rely on photocopies of lessons from the textbooks, although this isn't necessarily a fault of the school.


    Although Doctor English is a small school, the student base is mostly made up of very enthusiastic students, many of whom have loyally studied at the school for a long time. There is a good reason for this. The passion of the staff for teaching English carries through to the students, and in this school you will find a highly capable, qualified, and enthusiastic staff who love teaching English. I very highly recommend studying at Doctor English.
    • Виктория Дорофеева
      Виктория Дорофеева залишила відгук про Doctor English у 13:56, 28 Май, 2013
      Хорошо составленна программа, доступное изложение материала, индивидуальный подход к каждому клиенту.приходить на занятие одно удовольствие!!!!
      • Сергей Котик
        Сергей Котик залишив відгук про Doctor English у 13:53, 17 Май, 2013
        квалифицированные и приятные преподователи, индивидуальный подход!!
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