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    • залишив відгук у 11:45, 27 Лютий, 2017
      +1 Очень рекомендую Грэма МакМорроу как отличного преподавателя английского языка. Грэм помог мне подготовиться для поступления на англоязычную программу магистратуры, и во время наших занятий я значительно расширил свой словарный запас и владение письмом. Кроме того. хочу особенно отметить пунктуальность и внимательность к деталям, что особенно важно для тех, кто хочет отточить уже имеющиеся знания иностранного языка.

      Методика обучения, которую использует Грэм, отличается в лучшую сторону от многих других преподавателей в Одессе. Во-первых, он является носителем английского языка (native speaker), благодаря чему можно не сомневаться в правильности британского произношения и использования речи. Во-вторых, он всегда уделяет максимально много внимания своим ученикам, и благодаря большому опыту, может правильно ответить на вопросы, возникшие в процессе обучения.

      Также хочется отметить достаточно удобное местоположение в центре города и, в частности, цену, которая не является очень высокой для преподавателя такого уровня.

      С уважением,
      Дмитрий Драганов
      Моя оцінка курсівВідповісти
    • залишила відгук у 15:22, 19 Жовтень, 2016
      0 Как связаться с преподавателем, напишите пожалуйста адрес электронной почты Моя оцінка курсівВідповісти
      • залишив відгук у 22:34, 7 Вересень, 2016
        0 Добрый вечер,ув. Мак Морров. Как можно записаться к Вам на пробный урок и на каких условиях проходит обучение? Сыну 13 лет,8 класс. Мой тел. 0669567588 С ув. Ольга Моя оцінка курсівВідповісти
        • залишила відгук у 09:50, 14 Лютий, 2016
          0 Подскажите стоимость занятий? Моя оцінка курсівВідповісти
          • залишила відгук у 16:59, 20 Грудень, 2015
            0 Добрый вечер! Подскажите контакты преподавателя либо школу, в которой он преподает? Моя оцінка курсівВідповісти
            • залишила відгук у 20:15, 17 Серпень, 2015
              0 подскажите, пожалуйста, стоимость занятий. спасибо. Моя оцінка курсівВідповісти
              • залишила відгук у 18:52, 30 Квітень, 2014
                0 а он случайно в Лондонской школе не преподает?

                Моя оцінка курсівВідповісти
                • залишила відгук у 16:36, 11 Грудень, 2013
                  0 скажите пожалуйста, как связаться с этим преподавателем? Моя оцінка курсівВідповісти
                  • залишив відгук у 13:06, 16 Вересень, 2013
                    0 I know Graham McMorrow since 2009 and i very pleased an opportunity to come to his lessons.
                    As for me,Graham is the best choise,if you want to improve your english to the really high level.
                    He is a very intellegent,well-educated person and an exellent pedagog.
                    On his lessons you plunge into the atmosphere of british language and culture.
                    Моя оцінка курсівВідповісти
                    • залишив відгук у 11:17, 15 Вересень, 2013
                      -1 Frankly speaking, I have not thought that it is possible to find such wonderful english teacher as Graham. He is very wise, well-read, intelligent person. English is indispensable for my PhD studies, so I am very happy, that now I have an opportunity to improve it while working with Graham. It is now extremely difficult to find a teacher who has such attitude to the teaching process as Graham does. Моя оцінка курсівВідповісти
                      • залишила відгук у 11:33, 14 Вересень, 2013
                        +1 This is more than English course. Actually, much more.
                        Except practicing English exercises and texts, studying new vocabulary, and fulfilling gaps in typical exam tasks, you'll improve your pronansiation a lot, communicating about most amazing things all over the world! Discussing the lively important problems in different countries! Become acknowledged of different historical, cultural and political aspects.
                        With time your thinking and consciousness becomes cognitive. And than you realize, how much had been changed after your first lesson with Graham McMorrow
                        Моя оцінка курсівВідповісти
                        • залишив відгук у 19:14, 12 Вересень, 2013
                          +1 I had 3 lessons with Graham before my IELTS exam. Graham has great teaching skills, good sense of humour and unique ability to focus on things that should be improved. We practiced with Graham writing and speaking exercises and as a result I got 7.5 overall score, which was even more than I expected to receive! :)

                          I would definetly recommend Graham as a professional english tutor for all English learners.

                          Eugene, former student, Odessa
                          Моя оцінка курсівВідповісти
                          • залишив відгук у 20:29, 10 Вересень, 2013
                            0 Graham is the most intelligent and kind-hearted person I have ever met. These two abilities help him to understand the students and to choose the best way of teaching. He is not just an ordinary native speaker, he can make you think in English, instead of translating from Russian into English.
                            Don't forget to add his excellent sense of humor, immense patience and enormous experience and you'll get the one of the best language teachers in the world!
                            Моя оцінка курсівВідповісти
                            • залишила відгук у 22:42, 9 Вересень, 2013
                              +1 Hello friends!
                              Unfortunately, I don't know Graham personally, but during this little time i've been in touch with him i can with certainty say, that he is amazing person! He is very helpful, full of knowledge, pieces of advice and different resources that will be useful for you in lots of cases in which you need English.
                              You have real possibility to learn or pull up your level.

                              Stacy, hope future student, Odessa
                              Моя оцінка курсівВідповісти
                              • залишила відгук у 13:10, 17 Червень, 2013
                                +1 Graham McMorrow is definitely the teacher who will assist you in linguistic advancement by all available means, and be sure - the arsenal at Graham's disposal is impressive. His thorough, professional, at times pedantic - just enough to asure the appropriate vocabulary usage:) - teaching approach to me was always and still is the guarantee of profound knowledge of the subject. Not to mention Graham is an extremely interesting person of a great variety of interests - literature, history, antropology, cinematograph. Be sure Graham will try to involve you into a heated debate on one of the topics:) Graham is a very friendly and tactful person, which accentuates his lambent humor. To me, those long exciting conversations were really precious and enjoyable experience.

                                I took a three month course, 2ac/hrs twice a week, to improve my speaking and writing skills. The results were beyond expectations, though, to be honest, I did not have enough spare time at my disposal to do all the homework. Being ESL teacher, I not only advanced my language skills and improved my studying habbits, but also had a great opportunity to adopt certain teaching techniques.

                                Natalya M., Former student, Odessa
                                Моя оцінка курсівВідповісти
                                • залишив відгук у 12:05, 11 Жовтень, 2011
                                  0 I can attest to every word written above about Graham as a teacher, as well as an individual. It's needless to use superlatives to describe his qualifications; real life examples of his students' achievements serve as much better proof. I met Graham fifteen years ago at the BKC IH Language School and he was my first real English teacher. As a teacher, he was strict, professional, responsive and with a sense of humour. He helped me improve my knowledge of English immensely, which influenced my whole life, my education and my career path. What's more, besides the language, Graham taught us to be open-minded, inquisitive, develop critical thinking and empathy. Therefore, it would not be an exaggeration to say, you guys are really lucky to have Graham offering his tutoring services in your area. Seize your opportunity and go for it, you won't regret!

                                  Yury, Former student (Moscow Region)
                                  Моя оцінка курсівВідповісти
                                  • залишив відгук у 16:40, 10 Жовтень, 2011
                                    0 Hello everybody!

                                    I know this man for a long time. Graham is an excellent teacher and wonderful person. Knowledge received at his lessons helped me in my life, in study and work. It is really skilled and sensitive teacher with a huge stock of knowledge both linguistic, and historical and cultural. With Graham it is possible to learn to think like Englishman, and it is a key to success at studying language.

                                    Ilya, Former student (Moscow region)
                                    Моя оцінка курсівВідповісти

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