Cinema Club: Film Limitless (Sunday, October 6)

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Cinema Club: Film Limitless (Sunday, October 6)
  • Дата 03.10.2013
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6 октября, в воскресенье, в Cinema Club просмотр фильма Limitless (Области тьмы) на английском языке, ресторация и разговорный клуб. Присоединяйтесь! 

Dear friends!

We are changing the format and the place for the next event of Cinema Club in English.

  • What Movie: "Limitless" (IMBD) with Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro. You know, Robert De Niro plays only in great movies :)
  • Where: a lovely restaurant Tri: (Gonchara 15/3, Metro Zoloti Vorota) 
  • When: Sunday 6th of October, 2 pm 



2 pm – 3 pm Informal Conversation (Upstairs)
3 pm – 4.30 pm Two options: Movie at a Cinema Room (Downstairs) or Story time (Upstairs) 
4.30 - … Informal Conversation, discussion of the movie 

Great news!  

We offer one more option for those of you, who for some reason doesn’t want to watch a movie, but really wants to talk on different topics. From 3 pm at a Room Upstairs we’ll continue the conversation! This time we’ll discuss two fabulous short-stories by Hemingway and share our own stories related to them. Remember, “There are no wasted words in Hemingway, and every word counts”. Be attentive to the details and look for a hidden meaning. The stories we will discuss are attached. They are so short, that we’ll also enjoy reading them out loud before discussing.

Price of one event:

  • 80 UAH (10$). It includes: Coffee/tea plus Tasty & healthy Sweet compliment  
  • 230 UAH - Special price for all the events of Cinema Club in English for a month: I

If at one event you stay for around 3 hours (or even more) it means you spend only 19 UAH per hour and it includes drinks and sweets! Comparing it with a cup of coffee/tea at average Coffee House (35 UAH), the price of Cinema Club events is really fair. 

We will highly appreciate if you register for the event, because we should inform the hosting restaurant about expected number of visitors for preparing the rooms respectively.

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