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  • 11 Декабрь 2019, 17:02
    The teacher who spent so many years in Great Britain has left this school. The students turned out to be unable to withstand the culture clash to which they were subjected. Bunch of poor little things...miserable bunch.Ответить
    • 31 Июль 2019, 16:16
      Rather good scholl. What I liked most of all about them is their teachers. They teach British English. One of their teachers spent many years in England. He has british accent and speaks rather good English.Ответить
      • Shnur Ivanych 31 Июль 2019, 16:31
        Some more information to complete the introduction: Unlike native-speaker their teacher is capable of giving en explanation on nearly all the english grammar points.Which is vital for learning foreign languages.Ответить

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